Today’s an exciting day for the Edvent team! We have built a website designed to capture
our vision, ethos, disruptive nature, and ultimately, inspire our audience to take action and
sign up.

There are a few things in particular that I would like to take a moment to draw your attention
towards. Firstly, our updated vision that reflects our focus on transforming students skills
and their ability to launch careers. This enables us to ensure the business is student-centric,
and demonstrate the value proposition for our clients; both universities and recruiting
companies, all of whom are invested in student development.

Secondly, we have tried to create a genuine sense of movement and transition throughout
website. The reason for this, is of course, that we are a business entirely focused on the
transition that young people face moving from student to gradate employee. It is an often
volatile, emotional, and draining experience, but it can be equally inspiring, transformative,
and exhilarating. We believe that with our help, it can be the latter. Simply, put we want to
provide students with as much support as is physically and technologically possible.
Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge some of the great clients already signed on for the initial alpha
trial of our platform. King’s College London, Aston University, and Santander have been the
first to truly embrace our philosophy, methodology and the outcomes that we are creating
for our student uses. We are deep into startup mode. Everyday we have a hustle mentality to
get out to win clients and bring in more training, more opportunities, and more organisations
to ensure the very best experience for students on our platform. As we grow we’ll be
building out our client section into a new page that will then allow us to really shout about all
of the organisations contributing to the development of students into the future leaders of
the 21st century workforce.

Here at Edvent, we are firm believers in the lean methodology. Build, measure, learn, rinse
and repeat. So if you have any feedback for us on our website, our designs, our branding, or
our language, we would absolutely love to hear from you. Your opinions are so important to
us that we would love it if you would email our CEO, Mark Corbett, directly and let him know
what you think. For now, stay tuned, as we gear up towards our initial alpha launch of the
platform, where we’ll be looking for a handful of students to join the and evaluate the