Everyone has tough days. No matter what kind of business you’re running, or who you work for, some days are exceptional, and some are a hell of a lot harder. Here at Edvent HQ we’ve been head down in product development, building sales pipelines, writing business plans, and meeting investors all year. This has meant quite a few tough days, as we push what even we think we’re capable of, all in the name of transforming the way in which young people can learn the skills for the Twenty-First Century workforce. However, a few weeks ago, in the run up to the launch of our brand new website, we got some post that means tomorrow will most certainly not be one of those tough days.

Yes! That’s right, I did say that we received actual post. And not even fake post, like a bill or a bank statement! As we build tools for the future, we enjoyed a little moment to look back to one of the most important mechanisms for communication for the entire previous century. Unlike the immediacy of email, sms, or instant messaging, we had to pause to figure out who it may be from… and needless to say there was a little gasp in our office when we saw the sender….

Buckingham Palace and the Lord Chamberlain!

As a result of all my work with universities and across the wider education space, I have been been invited to a Royal Garden Party. And yes, that means a genuine opportunity to meet the Queen!* For a young man of a modern family, growing up watching two sets of divorced parents toil away to hold down jobs and earn a living, in order the live the life they always dreamed of, to be recognised by the Royal Family is quite a moment.

Royal Garden Parties are held just three times a year, for a select group of movers and shakers, as a chance to connect with each other, hob nob with royalty, and enjoy a reward for all the hard work put into making change. But on to the big question; who is joining me on my +1? Given the personal nature of the invitation, I am delighted to be taking my Dad, who has done so much for me in my life and helped set me out on this road. It’s times like this I would rather celebrate with those who have got me to where I am, rather than simply push for the next step forward and network (although there will clearly bit a spot of that too!).

Lounge suits, fascinators, and fancy frocks to follow as we head off to enjoy our day at the Palace tomorrow!

*meeting the Queen is by no means guaranteed, but I’m taking bets on whether she’s done some Facebook stalking and will recognise me.