Career anxiety is the number one concern for university students in 2018. It is quite simply
an epidemic. More broadly, the NUS reported that, in 2015, 78 per cent of students
experienced a mental health problem, with 58 per cent not seeking out help. To think of
today’s youth as saddled with anxiety, debt, and uncertain future is – at least to us –

Here at Edvent, we believe the antithesis of anxiety is quite simply trust. When you feel you
can trust the path you are on in life and can see that things are going your way, then you
simply have less to be anxious about. As anxiety decreases, you will often feel it replaced
with gratitude, which in turn will improve how you feel about things like you career,
relationships, and your contribution to the world. However, this takes a lot of work, and is
never an overnight solution. Learning to trust yourself, your actions, an those around you is
as much a journey as it is an outcome.

That said, trust should come with a health warning. To trust everyone and everything is
simply hazardous to one’s health! From another perspective, many people mistake trust for
control – controlling yourself in all moments and controlling those around you to guarantee
they do as you wish. But that’s not trust. If anything, it’s power over others, and if there is
one thing we know from history, it is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. By seeking too
much control/power you may find yourself feeling just as anxious as before, just as
concerned, and indeed, once again struggling with anxiety just as much – if not more so! – as
if you have no control whatsoever.

We live in an age where discussions around mental health and wellbeing are at the forefront
of everyday life, purely because of how bad things have become. That’s the downside. The
upside is that it does mean you can go to people for support, who previously, wouldn’t have
felt comfortable even discussing anxiety. It also means that there are people out there like
us, who are building technology and support mechanisms to ensure that you are able to
deal with anxiety, and to empower you to build a sense of trust and purpose back into your

The world renown peak performance coach, Tony Robbins, is a firm believer that all human
beings crave both certainty and uncertainty. Yes, this sounds contradictory, but let’s think it
through. Sometimes, we want to know what job we’ll get after university, and sometimes,
we feel excited by the prospect of doing anything. When we order food, sometimes we
know we want pizza, and sometimes we want a surprise. This imbalance not only varies,
but, according to Robbins, shapes our desires. To what extent is dependent on the person.
The importance is being able to recognise what we are being driven by and why, followed by
the action of doing something about it!